I think one of the biggest lessons that I’ve had to take in as an adult is to just move forward before I’m ready. Having a full time job that marches forward at an unstoppable pace has been the biggest teacher of this, but also my personal life, where a new day comes around quicker and quicker all the time.

Growing up, being anxious and nervous really caused me to take pause before taking a step. Fear made me stay where I was most comfortable. Living in the past was the safest place, and the future seemed too daunting. I was never ready.

I carried this into my adult life, where it was ripped from my hands. There’s something very violating about having no say in the matter, but I was never going to let go on my own. It was no single force that did it, just that it was required of the day. In some ways, this interweaves with simply becoming an adult (or how modern society defines this) and needing to get on with it.

There is a good lesson that comes from this though. Waiting until you are absolutely ready means that you miss out on a lot, and you keep yourself from fully enjoying your life. There will be mess, you won’t be ready, and it will feel like you are not in control. This is okay. Getting used to sitting with this means that you can focus on what actually matters. If you aren’t ready, you’ll get there eventually, but in the meantime, might as well get started.