I believe in the power of the web to educate, inform, and connect.

We've gotten a little sidetracked, but the web can transform your life in ways previously impossible, and that must be protected. To this end, accessibility and performance are incredibly important to my work. Alongside this, I have a deep respect for the web's grain, and it informs everything that I create.

I got started making websites in high school, where I made small updates to the school's website using the design tab of Dreamweaver. Over time, I moved into writing code. In college, I solidified my skills using Treehouse and learned how to use WordPress to deliver client websites.

These days, the web platform is a strange and interesting place. There's always more to learn, and sometimes a little to unlearn.

About this site

I designed and developed this site, using Eleventy to assemble it and Cloudflare Pages to host it. The code is available on GitHub.